Pricing Information

The Digilife pricing schematic reviews each item to be converted and considers it from several aspects. These include:

  • Source material (hardcopy print, image PDF, photocopy of original, etc.)
  • Format of source material
    • Low Format = clean source materials with little or no need for editing or cleansing, minimal graphics suitable for black and white or greyscale output
    • Medium Format = source materials with greater numbers of images, multiple columns, side bars and boxes
    • High Format = source materials with many images, side bars, pull-out boxes, multiple columns, glossy paper, and other hazards
    • Additional charges may apply for source materials on glossy paper, those requiring color output or input, used or marked items, etc.
  • Desired output format

Digilife can covert your source materials into the following output formats:

  • Image PDF
  • Text-Based Documents suitable for use with a wide variety of text-to-speech programs and screenreaders, including
    • Rich Text Format (.rtf)
    • Microsoft Word (.doc)
    • Open Office
    • Plain Text (.txt)
  • Accessible (tagged) PDF
  • Kurzweil 3000

 Digilife’s Per Page Pricing anticipates every step of the conversion process, including (as appropriate):

  • Receipt of materials from customer
  • Removal of bindings and preparation
  • Scanning of materials
  • Optical Character Recognition
  • Editing and Formatting
  • Proper Pagination [Using our exclusive Digilife Paginator software program] 
  • Conversion to output format
  • Quality control
  • Delivery to customer
  • Storage of materials as backup