General Information

Who We Are:

Digilife Media converts hardcopy and inaccessible digital versions of text based materials into accessible digital alternative formats for use by students and other individuals with print impairments and related disabilities. In essence, anyone who needs hard copy text, or even electronic files, adapted to a more suitable format for use by individuals with disabilities. Digilife Media also provides consultation and training for institutions and organizations desiring to develop their own in-house production capacities or looking to improve already existing programs. In addition, Digilife develops and supports computer software designed to improve and increase the efficiency of such processes.

Services We Provide:

• On-site Consultation and Training
• Digital Text Editing and Reformatting
Printed Material Scanning and OCR Conversion
• Digital Text Conversion to a variety of accessible formats

What is E-Text?

Electronic Text, or “E-text”, is a general term for text material that is available in a digital format for use with a computer. E-text can be manipulated more freely than printed text and makes reading more manageable and easier for persons with a wide range of disabilities. Digital text can be as simple as plain text without formatting or graphics.E-Text can be advanced as a DAISY Talking Book with audio, text, graphics, and the ability to navigate through headings and pages. For students who would traditionally access their reading materials using books-on-tape, switching to E-text for use with a text-to-speech software program, screen reader or refreshable Braille display  enhances their ability to access the printed word and improves their educational experience.